What Foreigners Must Know About Procedure for Insurance Compensation in Serbia (9 Step Process To Get Your Compensation)

Many participants in traffic accidents, due to lack of knowledge, often miss out on the opportunity for higher compensation. It is necessary to engage experts who know and can secure the maximum compensation for you in the best possible way.

Keep in mind that insurance companies take advantage of the lack of knowledge of the injured parties by paying them only a portion of the entitled compensation, on the condition that they waive their right to claim the disputed portion of the compensation.

Many insurance agencies also engage in such practices.

But we don’t.

After being involved in a traffic accident, contact us so that we can guide you through the process of asserting your rights. Upon receiving your request, our experts will proceed with analyzing your case, followed by the signing of a service agreement that clearly and comprehensively provides you with all the information about your rights and offers you legal security.

The 9 step process of claiming compensation includes:

1. Determining whether there is a legal basis for compensation, and if so,

2. Reconstructing the entire accident, considering all the causes that preceded and contributed to your loss comprehensively,

3. Engaging an expert who will determine the amount of damage,

4. Submitting a compensation claim to the insurance company, accompanied by the necessary documentation and evidence. The insurance company is obliged to respond within 90 days for non-material damage claims and within 45 days for material damage claims.

5. Besides vehicle damage, the claim can also include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages during temporary disability, costs of caregiving assistance, funeral expenses, and other costs resulting from the accident, depending on the circumstances.

6. Evidence to be provided includes a report from the competent authority (traffic police) about the accident investigation, medical reports, witness statements, vehicle damage reports, photographs of the damaged vehicle, and all other collected documentation proving the incurred damage.

7. Initiating the process of claiming compensation.

8. If the desired amount of compensation is not obtained through extrajudicial means, a legal proceeding is initiated to secure an adequate amount of compensation.

9. Once the compensation claim is realized and payment is received from the insurance company, guarantee fund, or liable party, you will cover our operational costs and provide the agreed-upon reward.

Conditions for compensation payment:

The injured party has the right to accept the offered compensation from the insurance company for the undisputed portion of the damage without losing the right to claim the disputed portion of the compensation. To initiate and conclude the process, it is necessary to gather evidence.

The 6 most common evidence types collected in the process of claiming compensation for traffic accidents includes:

  1. A report on the accident investigation with statements from the participants and a sketch of the scene or any other evidence supporting the validity of the compensation claim (court decision or judge’s ruling, expert opinions from traffic technical experts in the investigation process, etc.);
  2. Information about the driver who caused the accident, the vehicle owner, and details about the vehicle involved in the accident (we will provide the policy number and the insurance company insuring the vehicle at the time of the accident);
  3. Medical reports on the injuries suffered in the accident (discharge summary with medical history, specialist doctor’s report, invoices for medication and medical aids related to the accident, medical commission report, medical records, and other documentation related to your health condition and rehabilitation);
  4. Evidence of material damage caused by the accident (damaged clothing, mobile phone, portable items such as a laptop, etc.);
  5. Evidence of damage to activities such as hobbies, sports, studies, music, etc.;
  6. Extracts from the registry of births, marriages, and deaths (in case the traffic accident resulted in a fatality).
You can send an inquiry with a complete description and all the necessary documentation regarding the realization of compensation to [email protected]

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