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Need somewhere to start? Great news! You’re in the right place. 

Usually, the toughest thing about realizing your immigration goals is knowing where to start to get them sorted. And, it can be tricky to work out if you actually need help from a lawyer, let alone how to go about finding one.

Some legal issues appear over time, giving you the chance to weigh up your options. In other situations, when things suddenly spiral out of control, you probably won’t have a great deal of time to make your choices. 

Luckily, for both situations, we have developed a simple process that will help you determine your legal choices. Your case is assessed by the top immigration attorneys in Serbia who only practice immigration law. Then you will quickly receive their preliminary assessment, free of charge. This approach will clarify what needs to be done and how much you should expect to pay to attain your goals. 

But, for this to start happening, let’s first start with your case assessment.


We Are Here To Help You

We do one thing very well – counsel and represent our clients get what they want. If you wish to visit, live, or work in Serbia, you can count on our support. At Stojkovic Attorneys we pride ourselves in being experts at navigating sometimes confusing legal and immigration processes so you can focus on taking care of and improving your life and business.

If you want to start or move your business to Serbia, you can freely do that, either by setting up a completely new entity (which may be owned by you directly or your existing company indirectly) or extending your existing business by registering its branch in Serbia.

Namely, there are some steps and procedures to grasp and execute in order to file your non resident bank account application successfully.

Our experienced immigration specialists will help you create an appropriate immigration strategy and prepare and file your appropriate visa applications accurately and efficiently.

Even the most straightforward immigration rules can be difficult when put in a real-life perspective, let alone where there’s freedom for acting officers to interpret regulations at their own discretion.

Typically, successful admission to Serbian citizenship depends on several factual and legal reasons, which are always considered and assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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Stojković Attorneysare one of the nation’s leading law firms. Our professionals have garnered coverage from prominent news outlets as well as recognition from renowned legal publications.

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