Termination of Serbian Citizenship by Renunciation: A Comprehensive Guide

Serbian citizenship is a valuable legal status, but circumstances in life may lead some individuals to consider renouncing it. Article 33 of the Serbian Law on Citizenship provides a legal framework for Serbian citizens, born and residing abroad, who hold dual citizenship and wish to renounce their Serbian citizenship. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the process of citizenship renunciation, the necessary documentation, and the key conditions involved.

Renunciation Conditions

Before initiating the process of renouncing Serbian citizenship, it’s crucial to understand the conditions that must be met:

  1. Age Requirement: The individual must be a full citizen of the Republic of Serbia who was born and resides abroad and must be under the age of 25 to renounce their Serbian citizenship.

Required Documentation

To initiate the renunciation process, applicants must gather and submit several essential documents. These documents include:

а) Renunciation Statement: An official statement expressing the individual’s intent to renounce Serbian citizenship.

б) Birth Registry Extract: An extract from the birth registry as proof of identity.

в) Minor Consent: If the individual is a minor aged 14 or older, they must provide their written consent to renounce Serbian citizenship. This consent must be signed in the presence of an authorized person of the competent authority in the Republic of Serbia or before a diplomatic-consular representation of the Republic of Serbia abroad.

г) Serbian Citizenship Certificate: Proof of Serbian citizenship.

д) Foreign Citizenship Certificate: A properly certified document providing evidence of foreign citizenship.

ђ) Residence Proof: Documentation proving the individual’s residence in a foreign country, such as a national ID card or other relevant documents issued by the foreign authority, containing the foreign residence address.

е) Payment Receipt: A payment receipt generated on the eGovernment portal, confirming payment for the renunciation process.

Important Note

The competent authority, with the consent of the applicant, may obtain data from official records, including

  1. Personal Status Records: Such as the birth registry, marriage registry, and death registry.
  2. Citizenship Records: Including a certificate of citizenship of the Republic of Serbia.
  3. Other Necessary Data: Obtained from various official records maintained by the competent authorities of the Republic of Serbia.

Applicants also have the option to obtain the mentioned documents themselves and attach them to the submitted renunciation request if they prefer to do so.


Renouncing Serbian citizenship is a significant legal process that entails specific conditions and providing substantial documentation. Understanding the renunciation process is essential for those considering this significant decision in their lives. This comprehensive guide aims to assist Serbian citizens living abroad in navigating the process of renouncing their Serbian citizenship in compliance with the law.

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