Unlocking Opportunities: New Citizenship Requirements in Serbia for Foreign Residents On Their Way

The Republic of Serbia, a vibrant country situated in southeastern Europe, offers opportunities for individuals from around the world to become citizens.

If you are a foreigner residing in Serbia and wish to acquire Serbian citizenship, there are certain conditions that must be fulfilled.

In this article, we will explore the proposed changes to requirements for obtaining citizenship in the Republic of Serbia and the criteria that applicants will need to meet.

Residency Duration

To be eligible for Serbian citizenship, a foreigner will be required to have lived in the Republic of Serbia on the basis of an approved temporary residence permit for at least one year prior to submitting their citizenship application. This requirement emphasizes the importance of establishing a substantial presence in the country before considering the acquisition of Serbian citizenship.

Education Qualifications

One of the key conditions for obtaining Serbian citizenship will be having completed secondary or higher education in the Republic of Serbia. Alternatively, applicants can possess a decision from the competent authority in Serbia recognizing their foreign secondary school or higher education certificate. By demonstrating their educational background in Serbia or having their foreign qualifications acknowledged, applicants showcase their commitment to academic pursuits and integration within the Serbian educational system.

Employment or Business Engagement

Serbian citizenship will also be available for individuals engaged in independent business activities or those who are employed or professionally involved with an employer based in the Republic of Serbia. This criterion acknowledges the contributions made by foreign residents in terms of entrepreneurship and their active participation in the Serbian workforce. By demonstrating their involvement in the local economy, applicants show their commitment to the country’s growth and development.

Declaration of Allegiance

In addition to meeting the aforementioned requirements, applicants for Serbian citizenship will have to declare their allegiance to the Republic of Serbia. This declaration signifies their acceptance of Serbia as their own state and reflects their willingness to embrace the rights and responsibilities associated with Serbian citizenship.


Obtaining Serbian citizenship as a foreign resident will involve fulfilling specific criteria set by the Republic of Serbia.

We opine that these requirements are not strict as it was the case before.

And they basically boil down to 4 key requirements – having a minimum one-year residency, meeting education qualifications, being employed or engaged in independent business activities, and declaring allegiance to Serbia.

By fulfilling these conditions, foreign residents will demonstrate their commitment to Serbia, become entitled to Serbian citizenship and have an opportunity to contribute to the diverse fabric of the nation.


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