Temporary & Permanent Residence


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Permanent Residence 

Generally, you are eligible to submit an application for permanent residence after five years of having been continuously approved for temporary residence in Serbia.

Prior to applying for a permanent residence permit, a foreign national must have been granted a temporary residence on one of the grounds prescribed for a temporary residence permit.

Continuous residence is considered an effective residence of a foreign national in Serbia, with the possibility of multiple absences from the Republic of Serbia for up to ten months or one-time absence for up to six months, for a period of five years.

In special cases, permanent residence may also be granted to a foreign national:

  • who has spent at least three years continuously in Serbia based on an approved temporary residence on the grounds of family reunion in either a formal marriage or a common-law marriage with a citizen of Serbia or with a foreign national who has been granted permanent residence;
  • to a minor granted an approved temporary residence in Serbia, if one of the parents is a citizen of Serbia or a foreign national who had been granted permanent residence;
  • who originates from Serbia;
  • to other foreign national who had been granted temporary residence, if required by reason of humanity or if it is in the best interest of the Republic of Serbia.

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