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Digital Nomads are essentially tourists who will remain in Serbia for an extended stay, either working remotely as a freelancer or for a foreign employer.

Serbia’s biggest digital nomad hotspot is Belgrade, but amazing cities for digital nomads are also Novi Sad and Niš, which feature many coworking places and affordable accommodation.

Even though Serbia’s digital nomad visa program is still in its infancy, a qualification threshold is for the time being a monthly income requirement of around €3,500

Essentially, this is the primary criteria for acquiring a digital nomad visa for Serbia, and anyone with this income can apply, no matter the country of origin. 

While we are actively working with the state authorities as Digital Nomad schemes are being introduced and implemented, we now can help our clients and you with:

  • Planning for Digital Nomads in your immigration program
  • Identifying tax breaks and other opportunities for your program within this schemes
  • Remaining in compliance as this trend continues to expand

As the remote work and hybrid work revolution continues to take hold and becomes the new normal, we are here to help you figure it all out and plan ahead—so you can keep your workforce compliant. 

And if you’re an individual without an employer, no worries, we can help you apply for a Digital Nomad visa too.

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