Detachment – Posting Workers to Germany


Construction workers have been for decades sent by their Serbian employers to carry out construction works or related services in Germany, on a temporary basis, as intra-group postings or through contracts of works/services. 

For more than thirty years, such postings are carried out under the inherited Bilateral Agreement from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia which entered into it with the German Federal Republic (‘Deutsche Bundesrepublik, DBR’), which agreement (“Detachment”) was signed on 24 August 1988 and ratified the following year just before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Based on the Detachment, it is possible to annually post a pre-approved contingent of workers to Germany for the performance of construction and similar works in a way which is determined by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (“SCC”). 

The SCC, multiple times, raised the bar by tightening criteria through more stringent requirements for the local companies that plan to send workers abroad.  

We offer specific advice as well as turn key solutions for our clients, which we represent before both local and German authorities (such as Agentur für Arbeit Stuttgart).

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