Business Visas


Avoid costly mistakes by understanding what triggers business visa application approval.

Usually, it starts with a denial. It’s just a short stay – isn’t it? 

For some time now, many companies have started to favor short-term business travel for their mobile workforces over more traditional (and more expensive) longer-term assignments.  

While this strategy can help maintain competitiveness in the global marketplace, don’t be fooled—short-term assignments carry just as many risks as their long-term counterparts. 

All too often, business travelers mistakenly assume that they do not require work permits just because of the brevity of their trip or they simply fall under the radar of their organization’s mobility program. 

For many companies, short-term business travel is in fact the number one risk to your immigration compliance today. We provide the full range of business visa services to help our clients conquer business visa compliance—and avoid costly mistakes. 

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